I don’t know about you, but I love to shop online. In fact, I have to be careful or I’ll end up spending my entire paycheck on fun knick-knacks or health items or any number of odds and ends.

In my search for work (and let’s be honest, just trying to pay bills), I’ve been considering social marketing.  It’s not something I used to be comfortable with and I thought if I did it my friends would all hate me and I’d turn into one of those crazy sales people who drive you CRAZY with their constant sales pitches.  But my friends have shown me one by one that it does not have to work that way.

So.  This is going to be the portion of my site where I refer you to my friends’ stores, share reviews of those stores and -maybe- sell some things myself one day soon.  They sell all sorts of things from lotions, cleaning products, energy drinks, website designs, music, editing, stickers, and much more!

Look around and feel free to ask me (or the sellers) any questions you have!  I know each person and recommend both them and their product to you.

Have fun! 🙂

——————————–(organized alphabetically by name)———————————-

Amber Chiapetto – You can find her art on redbubble.  She sells T-Shirts, Mugs, Canvases and more!

Brian J. Branscum – He is an editor and worldbuilder who specializes in Fantasy, RPGs, and Tabletop Games. Visit his site here.

Emily Joy –

Guinevere Renée – (PG-13)   |  (not PG-13)   |

Hanagrace – Hannah has a passion and talent for music.  She is on Facebook, SoundCloud and BandCamp.  She focuses on honest lyrics, mysteriously dark melodies, and insights into her story.

Indianapolis ESL Tutoring –

Ivy Willow –

Jamberry Nails – You can see Lily James’ colorful selection of nails, wraps, gels and more here.

Juice Plus –

Keri Karandrakis –

Lemongrass Spa –

Mary Kay

Nerium –

Norwex –

Rodan + Fields – Patti is a sales consultant with Rodan + Fields.  She specializes in skin care and helping you have life-changing results.  You can contact her through Facebook.

Society6 –

Taylor Wright Sun –  |

The Art of Massage –

Usborne Books – Christina sells exciting, engaging and educational books for children here.