Hi!  My name is Elizabeth and I’m so glad you’re here!

I am currently living on my own and job searching to support myself.  I dropped out of college in my Junior year.  I was studying to get my Bachelors of Arts in Applied Linguistics with an interdisciplinary in Music.  In 2013, I graduated from homeschool.  I was homeschooled from K-12 grade.  Along with my many younger siblings, I grew up in a small neighborhood in the suburbs of a large city.  The library was only a couple minutes walking distance down the road and I went there often.

I’ve loved reading books for almost as long as I can remember!  Some of my favorite genres are historical fiction, fantasy, WWII biographies and autobiographies, and dystopian fiction.  About three years ago, when I was seventeen going on eighteen, I added blogs to that list.

Reading blogs and websites such as Recovering Grace, Homeschoolers Anonymous, The Girl Who Once Lived in a Box, and Spiritual Abuse Blogs are a big part of what inspired me to start writing and sharing my own story.  More and more of what I was reading resonated with me deeply, and I couldn’t understand why.

But now I know why.  I experienced many of the same deadly ideologies growing up that are recorded on those sites.  I too was raised in a Fundamental Evangelical Christian family and community.  I too experienced spiritual, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.  They were there, hidden under the surface, poisoning me in ways I am only starting to understand.

One of the ways I process through things is to write them out.  And so, An Angel with a Shotgun was born (I’ll explain more about the title in a future post).  I’m working through everything I was taught as a child, and I’m trying to sift out the poison and hold onto the little pieces of gold.  My family and my parents did not purposefully poison me.  They would never do that.  But they very much did unconsciously and unknowingly.  That is part of the insidiousness of all of this.  My parents are unaware of how much they have hurt me.  And currently they are unwilling to listen for the purpose of really understanding.  I would love to see them reconsider and change how they are raising my younger siblings.

And so I write to process.  But there is another reason.  I am very passionate about loving and caring for people.  Part of caring for people is raising awareness of abuse.  That’s not a popular thing to do.  Talking about abuse is uncomfortable.  If you’re looking for a comfortable blog, this is not it.  I will share what I see with honesty, and sometimes (many times) it will make people uncomfortable.  People only grow when they are forced to face things that are challenging and when they bring secrets into the light.  That’s what I aim to do.  To challenge the ideas that I grew up with that are killing many of my peers (and even those in previous generations) and to bring  some sunlight into areas that have largely remained in the darkness.

I hope that my story and experiences will resonate with you.  No matter where you are on your journey in life, I hope to encourage and inspire you to grow and learn and heal.

Will you join me on my journey?

With hope for the future,
Elizabeth Burger


P.S. Things I love:  cheese, the color green, colors in general, trees, Ukraine, languages, books, babies, swing sets, Leverage, long naps, cats, water, natural light, learning, music, pianos, singing, butterflies, maps, hugs, cultures, people and plants.

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