My Garden (originally posted on separate blog)

Welcome to my garden! My name is Lilibet and I’m excited to show you around.

I began gardening almost 4 years ago when I was in college.  I lived in a dorm, but that didn’t stop me! I quickly learned that you can garden almost anywhere as long as you have the right tools and some creativity.

Here are some photos of my first plant babies. ^_^

A lysimachia plant
A dieffenbachia plant
An aloe plant
A pothos plant from my friend, Amal

I also had a tiny ivy (not pictured) and a small lucky bamboo plant (not pictured).  They made my dorm room so much happier and helped me get through college.

Then I moved,  down south, to an entirely new planting zone (7-8).  I left Indiana (6) and Illinois (5-6) for the much warmer weather of Georgia. I also adopted a cat.  Which meant I had to keep my plants safe from my cat (or vice versa).

My cat, Rory, when he was ~3 months old

There was this beautiful tree out by the entrance to our apartment (did I mention I also love trees?!)

Beautiful tree

I didn’t take many photos (if any?!) of my plants at my first apartment, but once I moved again, I had gotten to the point where I had over 25 plants.

My plant “section” in our bedroom, safe from the cat

I even bought a cute little tree wall hanging to put behind it.  It felt like my own little piece of heaven.  I had spider plant, pothos, lucky bamboo, aloe, peperomia, calanchoe, etc.

I even grew this beauty in honor of my Grandma (still alive). She always had bleeding hearts in her garden when I was little, and it stuck out to me.

Bleeding heart plant

I moved some of my plants out on the apartment balcony whenever the weather was warm enough.  Sometimes Rory would come out and help me garden.

Balcony plants
Rory helping mommy garden

Then I went and rescued another cat, haha, ooooooops!!

My second baby, Jade. :3

And then I discovered succulents. :O  And succulent leaf propagation (which is AMAZING).  And I was even more plant ‘hooked’.

Sunbathing succulents
Current succulent leaf propagation project

Inbetween caring for my cats, plants, and my relationship with my fiancé, I also found time to photograph local trees, flowers, and nature whenever I was out and about. And when Halloween rolled around, I did a butterfly themed ‘Trunk or Treat’.

My butterfly themed ‘Trunk or Treat’
A beautiful spider web I found while dog sitting
Mushrooms in front of the post office
Sophie sitting by a beautiful flowering tree

A friend recommended I check out a local plant nursery. I spent the first fifteen minutes walking around the nursery with my jaw dropped.  It was the most beautiful store I had ever seen!  I started working there a couple months later.

I did a count two months ago and I had over 100 indoor houseplants.

I’m going to do another count in the next week or two and update you because I’ve bought at least 30+ plants since that count. My fiancé tells me our bedroom looks like a jungle. I think it looks like heaven.  🙂

This blog (and the corresponding YouTube channel) will share all sorts of plant related things – general info, my personal plant projects, tutorials, horticulture info (as I study for my GA Plant Professional license), my plant failures (yes, I do lose plants), and everything else you can think of.  I hope you’ll come join me and have fun with me as we get our hands dirty and learn how to keep things alive.

Yours truly,


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